iAskMobile is an app for iPhone born from the idea of being able to contact people who are located all over the world, directly on the map, ask for everything such as:

  • information about the weather;
  • traffic state;
  • information on concerts, football matches, etc..
  • situation in particular localities affected by earthquakes, weather, social, etc..

iAskMobile does not intent to replace the classic instant messaging app, since you can only send messages to users connected, so that the active App on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Main Features

Unlike the others, iAskMobile is the first and only GEOChat that allows you to write to people who are not part of your address book contacts, but simply that have iAskMobile installed (and active) on your device ... anywhere in the world!

Messages sent with iAskMobile, are not stored on our servers, but only in the Chat of the respective user, you can then erase with the push of a button, or by deleting the user from the list.

For problems with the app, suggestions, requests and comments, please write to: support@iAskMobile.it